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Materials& Characters:

◆High pressure die-casting aluminum housing,beautiful and fashion appearance;

◆Reflector adopts PC material with once demoulding, high precision optics, without deformation memory.Using high-tech vacuum aluminum plating, perfect metal luster, excellent optical reflectivity, can reach more than 95%.

◆Imported high brightness semiconductor chip, effective thermal diffusion, there by reducing the lamp body temperature, the temperature of the LED in the best working environment to ensure the life of light source and driver;

◆Powder paint on the surface to resist acid and alkali and avoid aging;

◆High efficiency driver;

◆No UV,IR;

◆High energy-saving, comparable HID light output for up to 70% less power consumption;

◆Can start up at once, no flicker;

◆Suitable to use in workshop, warehouse, factory, station, supermarket, exhibition halls, gym, and many other industry and commercial places.


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